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Progress over perfection 

Updated: May 17, 2020

One of the most important principles in strength training is the idea of progressive overload, which is simply consistently doing more work over time. That can mean doing heavier weight, or more reps, or more challenging reps (slow negatives are more challenging than traditional reps at the same weight), or any combination of things to make an exercise more difficult. Our bodies are amazingly adaptive and require more and more from us to keep making progress. This idea is true in all areas when it comes to our growth as human beings. There will be seasons in which it might feel like all you can do is hang on by the edge of your fingernails, but through most of our life, we should be focused on tiny improvements over time and small steps in the right direction. In my experience, the key to making those improvements over time, is focusing on the progress and not perfection. All or nothing thinking works for a few individuals, but *most* people will abandon a long-term plan that never allows for any type of flexibility or that doesn't take your individual needs and goals into account. Trying to put on a lot of muscle? Keto probably isn't the best bet. Trying to cut fat? Don't spend tons of time on isolation exercises and neglect your big "burners"- squats, deadlifts, lunges, military press, bent over rows, heavy carries, etc. We can apply the same ideas to any type of goal; narrow in on the SPECIFIC goal, break it down into small manageable steps, and focus on the progress toward that goal, not necessarily the perfect execution of it. Saving money or getting out of dept, gaining more education, improving family relationships, learning a musical instrument or other art form, or a sport or martial art all work the same way; small manageable progress, not perfection. Because WE aren't perfect. And in case no one's told you yet today, you're doing a great job and I'm proud of you! 💗

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