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Our goal is to help people become educated about taking care of their physical bodies, and by extension, reach a high level of performance in other areas of their life. If all you're looking for is someone to tell you "do this, don't do that, eat this," we can certainly do that, but it doesn't help you reach long-term success or create sustainable development. Learning how your body responds to various stimuli gives you the tools to adjust throughout the rest of your life, even when your goals or needs change.

Sustainable progress happens when what's ideal for your goals meets what you can reasonably live with, not for days or weeks, but months and years. Consistency is the magic bullet people are looking for, but it's not glamorous or always easy. There's nothing wrong with occasional short-term jumpstarts, IF they are intelligently designed and focused toward setting new, healthier habits (that means don't go on a starvation diet because Becky down the street decided to 🤦😆) AND if it guides you in what to do after the jumpstart to maintain your results that will be sustainable.

Sustainability also means that we've found the balancing point between being able to stick with something long enough to see results but not being so rigid that we dogmatically stick to a program that's not quite right; maybe a particular exercise isn't right for you, or isn't right for you for right now. Maybe no matter how perfect your form is, that exercise exacerbates an old injury. At that point, it's time to switch out for a variation that works but doesn't hurt you.

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