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      Terms of service

Fees/Dues Note: All fees/dues are general operating revenue for Take Back Your Life LLC and Fees and dues are non-refundable.

Authorization for per-authorized payments: By enrolling in the paid plan membership you hereby authorize Take Back Your Life LLC to initiate automatic debit in the amount agreed to. The Paid Plan Member has provided billing information. Member authorizes said information to be debited, this authorization will remain in full for and effect until member cancels. Cancellations must be brought in writing or e-mailed to found in the members section of this webpage, with 30 days notice of intent to cancel. and Take Back Your Life LLC located at 930 Battersby Ave. Enumclaw WA 98022 is a fitness and health lifestyle consultation business. We offer piano instruction, self-defense training, personal training, group fitness and general consultations for additional fees.

By enrolling in the Paid Plan Membership you are agreeing that you understand and are obligated to pay your agreed upon monthly membership and that it is in no way refundable. your paid plan membership is in full effect until you cancel. 

Warrant of Physical Fitness and Waiver of Liability: Paid Plan Members (HEREINAFTER MEMBERS/MEMBER) warrants that they are in good physical condition and have no disabilities, impairments or ailments that would be adversely affected by participation in an active or passive physical conditioning program, whether supervised or unsupervised, or by use of Take Back Your Life LLC  (HEREINAFTER TBYL) facilities,,  equipment or services. Member acknowledges that participation in such programs and use of such facilities and equipment by their nature necessarily involves some risk of physical injury even for persons in good physical condition and who are free of disability or impairment. Member also agrees that selection of any program of exercise, nutrition or supplementation advice and use of equipment is solely the choice of the member.

Accordingly, member expressly agrees that their use of the TBYL facilities or programs and it's equipment is undertaken at the members sole risk and neither TBYL nor any of it affiliates or employees, owners, officers, agents or contact service providers shall be liable under any circumstances for any injury, damages or loss suffered by the member on account of their use of TBYL or affiliated facilities, fitness or nutrition programs, or equipment whether supervised or unsupervised, whether on or off premises of TBYL. TBYL urges all members to obtain a physical examination prior to commencing any program of physical exercise or nutrition. Member acknowledges and agrees that TBYL has made no representation or claims to the member that nay conditioning, weight loss or improvement in a medical or physical condition will occur as a result of participation of TBYL facility, equipment, advice or program. Member agrees and acknowledges that TBYL does not manufacture the exercise equipment in its facility or by its members. Member waives any right to hold TBYL or it's owners, officers, employees, agents and contracting service providers liable on account of any injury or loss suffered or incurred by member arising out of or related to the condition of any equipment.

Policy / Procedure / Rules: You also agree to follow all written or posted rules and regulations now in effect or to become effective at a future date. You agree to pay all sums due for membership plans or other services purchased. You understand and agree that TBYL has the right to revoke your membership and discontinue your privilege of using, TBYL'S facility and/or affiliated facilities. if you fail to follow any rules, regulations or default on any obligation to TBYL. In such an event you will remain liable for any unpaid balance.

Representations: You acknowledge that neither TBYL nor anyone else has made any representation upon which you relied that are not stated in this agreement. If TBYL does not enforce any rights in this agreement for any reason, TBYL does not waive its right to enforce it later, TBYL reserves the right to sell memberships and services at different rates and terms than yours.

TBYL right to suspend or cancel membership: TBYL, reserves the right to suspend or cancel this membership at its sole discretion.

Binding Arbitration: If any dispute arises on interpretation of the rights, duties and obligations under this contract, the parties each agree to submit the matter to arbitration in the state of Washington in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of Judicial Arbitration Mediation and Services unless parties otherwise agree. Any award made by the arbitrator will be final and binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court having jurisdiction. The prevailing party will be awarded all costs of arbitration including reasonable attorney's fees.

Financial Policy: You agree to pay the dues, fees, membership cost stated within this agreement. Whether or not you use the services you still must pay your dues.

Damages to facility: Member agrees to pay an extra charge for damages arising due to careless use of the facility, equipment, caused by member.

Maintenance, modifications of website and facilities: TBYL reserves to right to temporarily take down, take equipment and facilities out of operation for reasonable modifications, substitutions or improvements. TBYL further reserves the right to make changes to any services, schedules, equipment or facilities offered and warrants any changes made are reasonable under the circumstances.

Personal Property: It is understood that TBYL, its owners, agents, and employees are not responsible for members lost or stolen personal property, or possessions member claims were lost in or about TBYL property or common areas where TBYL is located.

Entire agreement/ governing law/ severability: This agreement and all other exhibits referred to in this agreement constitute(s) the final, complete, and exclusive statement of the terms of the agreement between the parties and supersede all prior and contemporaneous understandings or agreements of the parties. No party has been educed to enter into this agreement by, nor is any party relying on, any representation or warranty outside those expressly set forth in this agreement. This agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Washington if any provision of this agreement is held to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be enforceable.


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